Shaun Logan’s Original Expendables Painting Pre-Sale Package Is Now Available for Auction!

After a lot of tedious work, a number of hours and a few 40’s later, Shaun Logan’s original Expendables artwork pre-sale package is now available!

Details for the auction can be found on our website at 

 Shaun created this painting encompassing elements of his artwork from all of The Expendables albums and for the first time it is available to the public. 

Check out this video of him painting the piece!

A portion of proceeds will be donated to MusicCares which is an amazing charity organization the band supports. 

Click here for more info and to place a bid on this one of a kind masterpiece.

Gone Soft Full Album Stream Starts at 12:00 pm PT!


For anyone who smoked too much on 4/20 and missed our 4:20 Gone Soft stream, we’re doing an encore today! 

Head over to and stream the whole Gone Soft album starting at 12:00 pm PT until 6:00 pm PT. 

While you’re there, check out all our Pre-Sale packages, grab your album ahead of time and get a free download of the acoustic version of “Positive Mind” at the time of purchase!



The Gone Soft Album is Now Available to Stream Until 8:40 pm PT!


The time has come! Our next album, Gone Soft, is set to release on May 17th and in celebration of this holidaze, we are giving you a 420 gift! Head over to to stream the FULL album and let us know what you think! This will only be available for 4 hours and 20 minutes and will end at 8:40 pm PT.  We hope you enjoy the album and we look forward to hearing your feedback.  

Thanks for all your love and support!  Happy 420!!

Twitter Q & A with The Expendables has begun! #ExpendablesGoneSoft

You can now head over to Twitter to ask any questions to the band for a chance to get your question answered directly from The Expendables! Follow us @theexpendables, tag us and add the hash tag #ExpendablesGoneSoft to ask your questions.

Don’t forget immediately following the Q & A at 4:20 pm PT, you will have the opportunity to stream the full Gone Soft album for 4 hours and 20 min!  Let us know what you think.

The Pre-Sale started today, so head over to to check out all the packages available for purchase.

Hope you all are having a great 420!

Gone Soft Album Pre-Sale Starts Now! Twitter Q & A at 3:00 pm PT and Full Album Stream at 4:20 pm #ExpendablesGoneSoft

Happy 4/20 everyone!  In celebration of this holiday, we have a lot of great news going down today for all you awesome fans!

We’re excited to announce that the Gone Soft album pre-sale starts now at 1:00 pm PT! There are some amazing packages and perks if you pre-order the album.  Head over to to check out everything available to you now!

We’re also doing a Q & A from 3:00 pm - 4:20 PT on Twitter! You will have the chance to ask questions you’ve always wanted to know about The Expendables and possibly get an answer directly from the band!  Follow us on twitter @theexpendables and ask your questions tagging us and hashtag #ExpendablesGoneSoft.

After the Q & A, head over to our website because we’re streaming the entire Gone Soft album at 4:20 pm PT for 4 hours and 20 min, ending at 8:40 pm PT tonight!  We hope you enjoy the album and we’d love to hear what you guys think about it!

More info available here:

We hope you all have a hazy 4:20!